More than just Team Work.


Successful teams work on their communication, leadership, relationships and processes. What does your team need to focus on? Our Team Building can be basic and fun or we can delve into the challenges faced by your group and break through the barriers to help create a high functioning team.



Fruit & Veggie 500

Focus: Creativity, Dealing with Adversity

Veggie-Fruit-Go! Equipped with fresh fruit and vegetables, wheels, and cutlery, teams will be challenged to work together to create a race car that meets race specifications. Throughout the build process, teams can earn extra accessories. Once built, teams head to the track see how their car runs.

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Domestic Demolition

Focus: Communication, Leadership, Processes

Imagine building a beautiful family home nestled amidst rolling hills and manicured lawns and then realizing you and your neighbors are simply incompatible. The solution...pullout the domestic demolition cannon and level their home before they level yours! Divided into teams, groups use supplied materials to design and build their homes. When the building time is up, teams take to the firing range to see whose home is the most resilient!

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