Why Team Building?

Team building activities can help develop trust and understanding across your team. Understanding human nature and how your team reacts in varied situations helps to foster a stronger, cohesive team. This is imperative to your success. Because teamwork is critical to your success, team building activities are vital to your forward growth. Prior to your event, we discuss your organization to get a better understanding of how you function and what areas you feel you need to work on. Maybe you need to ease conflict, increase collaboration, work on effective communication, or maybe you are dealing with massive changes in the organization? Productive challenges are then added to the structure of the activity chosen to encourage your team to focus on these learning goals you set forth. Then we mix it all in with just a bit of fun!

Boat Yard Wars.jpg

Boatyard Wars

FOCus: Creative thinking, following direction, Leadership

Are you willing to go down with the ship? This exhilarating group activity will be the talk of your company for years to come. Each team is given a supply of cardboard and duct tape and must devise a plan to build the ultimate sea-worthy vessel and sail it from one end of the swimming pool to the other. Teams have the opportunity to earn additional items from the junkyard to assist with building their boats during the building process. All aboard for a swash-buckling great time!

Cardboard Carnival

FOCUS: Creativity, Resource management, Collaboration

You don't have to wait for the carnival to come to town to have some fun; create your own carnival! Equipped with cardboard, duct tape, and a carnival prop, teams will be tasked with designing their own carnival game. Teams will have the opportunity to earn additional items from the junkyard and have access to art supplies to decorate their game. Once completed, teams rotate around the room and score each other's games based on design/build, uniqueness and how fun it is to play!


Domino Effect

FOCUS: Critical thinking, stress management, Collaboration

How will dominoes help your productivity and bottom line? This unique activity will test the ability of your teams to interact in small groups, building communication and problem solving skills. The biggest challenge will soon become, how do we interface our small part of the project with the larger organization to accomplish the overall objective? Each team builds a domino run that not only must topple successfully, but must also connect to the next team's display, creating one gigantic domino display in the entire room. One false step and it's a problem for the entire room!

Photo Scavenger Hunt

FOCUS: Attention to Detail, Time management, Following direction

Explore the resort property with this exciting challenge! Supplied with a camera and a list of clues, teams must work their way around the property, answering questions and searching for hidden objects and locations. Don’t forget to snap a picture at each location to commemorate your find! Stuck on a clue? Some clues may have additional photo hints in a sealed envelope, but don’t give up too easily! Points will be lost for each hint used, but perhaps this is part of your chosen strategy? Please note, this event requires time for scores to be tabulated before a winner is announced. Event includes a flash drive of all team photos.

Photo Scavenger Hunt.jpg


Domestic Demolition

Focus: Communication, Leadership, Processes

Put your construction skills to the test in this exciting challenge! Supplied with only foam board and duct tape, teams must work together to design and construct a house capable of withstanding the neighbors’ attack. When building time is up, let the demolition begin! Teams will take to the field, armed with potatoes and air cannons, to see which structure is most resilient. Teams will be judged on their shooting accuracy, as well as the strength of their structure.


Fruit & Veggie 500

Focus: Creativity, Dealing with Adversity

Racing with a tasty twist! Equipped with an assortment of fresh fruits and veggies, cutlery, and a fast set of wheels, teams will be challenged to build a unique race car worthy of even the toughest track. Throughout the building process, teams can earn accessories for their cars by correctly answering trivia questions and completing challenges along the way. Think you have what it takes? Once completed, cars will head to the track to race head to head against the competition! Cars will be judged on speed, appearance, and functionality.



Build A Bike

Focus: Corporate Social Responsibility, Asset Management

Build a sense of accomplishment! During this meaningful team-building event, each team will build a bike that will brighten a child’s life. Teams start with basic tools and bicycle parts, but quickly realize they do not have everything it takes to build a functioning bike. Together the team will need to creatively problem solve, negotiate with other teams, and complete light physical and mental trivia challenges. Teams will also be tasked with creating a program to teach the children bicycle safety, such as hand signals, and showing them how to care for their new bike. Finally, the teams will decorate the new bikes for the children.

Innovation Alley

Focus: Creativity, Collaboration, Innovation

In this exciting challenge, put your team to the test! Supplied with random items, teams must create a new product focused on the needs of your company. Supplies could include duct tape, feather boas, water bottles, cardboard, or craft supplies; the possibilities are endless! Once their product has been created, get ready to sell! Each team will create a 2 minute TV infomercial, which they will present in front of the collective group. This challenge includes facilitation, props, and supplies to create the team’s fictional product.



Kiddo Kickstarter

Focus: Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategy, Observation

This community service style scavenger hunt will take teams all over the property, competing in a series of fun and light-hearted challenges. As teams work together to solve clues and puzzles at each location, they will earn the necessary items to stuff their new diaper bags. Once the team has collected all the items on their new baby shopping list, they will return to home base to assemble their bags and write notes of congratulations to the new mom. The finished products will then be donated to local organizations who assist new moms in need.

Digital Scavenger Hunt

Focus: Attention to Detail, Collaboration

With cell phones ready, each team sets off to locate select places and objects around the Hershey Lodge or The Hotel Hershey. Teams are sent clues via text message to search for as they trek around the property. Once they identify the answer, they respond to the text and if correct will be given the next clue to search for. But watch out! You only get three tries at the correct answer and you lose points for each incorrect answer.  *This event requires use of participants' personal cell phones.



Mini Golf Mogul

Focus: Leadership, Strategy, Resource Management

The history of miniature golf may in fact date back to the 1860s when a Ladies Putting Club was built in St. Andrews, Scotland. Today, with your creativity and our putters, teams will create a miniature golf course right here in Hershey. The more intricate the hole, the more points your team will earn. Teams will fabricate bridges, loops, levels, and obstacles of all sorts. Once completed, teams will rotate around the room and play!